Where Are They Now?

What happened to the principal players in the drama after the SRF lawsuit?

Swami Kriyananda

After the end of the SRF lawsuit, Swami Kriyananda continued to serve his guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, by helping many thousands progress on the path of Self-realization. In addition to yearly travels around the globe and frequent talks on his guru’s teachings in America, Europe, and India, in his final years Kriyananda (already a prolific author, with over 140 published titles) wrote more than 30 new books, including The New Path: My Life with Paramhansa Yogananda (recipient of two major book awards) and Paramhansa Yogananda: A Biography with Personal Reflections and Reminiscences, which received the 2012 International Book Award for Best New Spirituality Book.

In 2009, Swamiji founded a new religious order, the Nayaswami Order, that encourages both single and married people to live their lives for God. In his last years he also authored three scripts for feature films on the life and teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. Swami Kriyananda entered moksha in Assisi, Italy on April 21, 2013.

Sheila Rush

Following the SRF court case, Sheila Rush (now Nayaswami Naidhruva) served as editor of Ananda’s quarterly publication, Clarity Magazine, which in 2009. Since 2009, when it became an online journal, Clarity’s readership has increased from I500 to nearly 9000 worldwide. Clarity features articles by Paramhansa Yogananda, Swami Kriyananda, and other Ananda teachers that explain spiritual principles, and the application of those principles in everyday life.

Cathy Parojinog

In May 2004, Cathy (now Latika) Parojinog was appointed treasurer and became the chief financial officer of Ananda Church of Self-Realization of Nevada County. She served as corporate secretary until ]une 2006, when she became general manager of Ananda, and was elected to the board of directors and appointed vice-president.


With his wife, Daya, Keshava Taylor is currently fulfilling ministerial duties in India, serving Ananda’s work as needed, giving talks on Yogananda’s teachings, and leading pilgrimages to sacred sites from Yogananda’s life and mentioned in Autobiography of a Yogi.


Since the end of the SRF court case, Ananda has blossomed. New Ananda communities have been started in Los Angeles, and in Gurgaon and Pune, India. New Ananda centers and meditation groups have been created around the world, and Ananda ministers regularly travel to visit these groups and centers, giving talks and Sunday services. Many thousands are helped by these activities, and many more are served through Ananda’s website, www.ananda.org, where 400,000 people yearly enjoy free videos and other ways of sharing Yogananda’s teachings.

Daya Mata

After 55 years as president of Self-Realization Fellowship, Daya Mata passed away on November 30, 2010.

Ananda Mata

Daya Mata’s sister and longtime treasurer and member of the SRF Board of Directors, Ananda Mata left her body on February 5, 2005.

Mrinalini Mata

After Daya Mata’s passing in 2010, Mrinalini Mata assumed the duties of president of Self-Realization Fellowship.


Following the end of its lawsuit against Ananda, Self-Realization Fellowship has continued its work through its publications and its centers and meditation groups worldwide—and has not taken any other spiritual organizations to court.

Relations between Ananda and SRF

Since the end of the lawsuit in 2002, there has been no substantive improvement in communication between the two organizations. Ananda continues to reach out to improve cooperation and harmony.

Robert A. Christopher

Rob is now Of Counsel with the San Jose law firm of Hopkins and Carley, and has started Just Resolve, a lawyer-free dispute resolution service. He divides the rest of his time between the Christopher Ranch family business and the South Valley Civic Theater.

Richard A. Jones

Richard is currently Special Counsel and Litigation Manager in the San Francisco office of the international law firm of Covington & Burling, LLP. He advises on employment, intellectual property, commercial, antitrust, and business matters in federal and state courts, at both the trial court and appellate levels.

Gordon L. Rockhill

Gordon retired from the practice of law a few years after the Bertolucci lawsuit and now indulges his passion for woodworking.

Judge Edward J. Garcia

Judge Garcia assumed senior status on November 24, 1996, but still handles cases daily in the U.S. District Court in Sacramento.

Judge Lawrence T. Stevens

Judge Stevens was appointed to the First District Court of Appeal on August 15, I998. He retired in 2007, and is no longer an active member of the bar.