Swami Kriyananda to Mrinalini Mata

Swami Kriyananda to Mrinalini Mata

This correspondence began with a letter by Swami Kriyananda on September 29, 2001, to Mrinalini Mata, vice president of Self-Realization Fellowship. The letter was written in the middle of the night. Most of his letter is paraphrased here. It began:

“It is 3:00 a.m. I have just awakened from a dream that brings me deep concern. Because you are the only hope I see in this matter, I am addressing this letter to you.

“In my dream, I was walking past Daya Mata, who was with someone—a man, but not in appearance anyone I know. She didn’t look at me, but looked instead at the ground. She was as I remember her forty years ago, much younger than she is today, and dressed in a pale orange sari. Next I found you, and addressed you saying, “Mrinalini, we’ve just got to do something!” Before I could continue, you replied urgently, “Yes, I know.” I looked over at Daya, who was on her knees bowed to the ground. At that point I awoke with a deep sense of urgency, which we both shared. What you projected was that you were appalled.”

Swami continued (here we paraphrase his letter) that there is something seriously wrong in SRF’s attitude in certain matters. He expressed grave concern about Michael Flynn’s influence on SRF. He used two very strong words in his letter: madness, and evil. He concluded his statements: “There is no one I can turn to but you, in my real fear for Master’s organization. I have never wished it harm, though circumstances have forced me to defend not only Ananda, but truth as I honestly understand it. If you reject my words, well, it isn’t me or Ananda you’ll be hurting. But my concern and love for Master’s mission is very deep, and my anxiety for it at the moment is pressing and urgent.”

The ensuing letters are Mrinalini’s response through SRF’s Brother Brahmananda, and answers to his letter from Swamiji and from several ministers of Ananda.



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