Swami Kriyananda to Brother Brahmananda

Swami Kriyananda to Brahmananda

Dear Brahmananda:

I will not sink to your level of disrespect and discourtesy by calling you Mr. Wohl, though it was after addressing me as Mr. Walters that you signed yourself Brother Brahmananda. You presume to judge me as unfit to be called a monk. In fact, it is not likely you will ever meet anyone more completely dedicated in heart, thought, and deed to the monastic ideals than I am. I have won my spurs the hard way, while trying to be of service to others on the path. What about you?

You don’t know me, Brahmananda. None of you do. For the past forty years SRF has been projecting attitudes and ideas onto me that were sheer fantasies; they bore no relationship to the truth. You presume now to “talk down” to me, who am much your senior in years, in discipleship, and—it may indeed be added—in accomplishments. You pose your opinions against mine as though merely stating them sufficed to disprove my position. It is clear that you have much to learn about the spiritual path. In fact, you still lack many of its basic attitudes. As nearly as I can tell, you emanate no devotion, charity toward anyone, kindness, inner joy, or even happiness. I can imagine no possibility for sincere communication between us, and will therefore not try reasoning with you.

As for Mrinalini Mata, the response I’ve received from her, through you, was a recognized possibility—even a likelihood. I regret it, for I esteem her for her love for Master. However, for more than fifty years now she has treated me with condescension, as she seems to have done others whose ideas differed from her own. Since the duty of leading SRF may end up being thrust upon her, she would not do amiss to try even now to develop respect for everyone, which Master gave unstintingly to all.

Your brother pilgrim on the path,

Swami Kriyananda



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