Swami Kriyananda Shares Yogananda’s Teachings

“There are times when a human being, though perhaps not remarkable in himself, encounters some extraordinary person or event that infuses his life with great meaning. My own life was blessed with such an encounter in 1948. I met a great, God-known master whose constant vision was of eternity. His name was Paramhansa Yogananda.”—Swami Kriyananda, The Path

Swami Kriyananda: A Life of Discipleship

Paramhansa Yogananda was the avatar for a new age. His mission was not just to his disciples, but to the world. He sowed seeds, both “in the ether” and through many practical initiatives, that will revolutionize society in every imaginable way, and in ways we can’t yet imagine. Education, the economy, marriage, the arts, religion, community life: None will ever be the same again; the change has already begun.

A true disciple’s life will tell us much more about his Guru than about his own personality. For he lives by his Guru’s guidance and to serve his mission; his own likes and dislikes shrink to insignificance. Kriyananda’s life has been extraordinarily fruitful. For himself, though, he’d much have preferred to be a hermit! He’s done it all in loving obedience to Yogananda’s wishes. And so his accomplishments teach us much about Yogananda and his mission. They speak beautifully, also, of Swami Kriyananda’s devotion to his Guru, and of what true discipleship is all about.

In his autobiography, The Path, Kriyananda wrote, “Had we listened more sensitively to the subtle nuances of Master’s guidance, I almost think we could have changed the world. Certainly we would all have radically transformed ourselves.” His life’s example stands as an encouragement to each of us, and a challenge, to do just that.

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