Padma to Mrinalini Mata

Padma to Mrinalini Mata

Dear Mrinalini Mata,

The letter that Brahmananda wrote to Swami Kriyananda on your behalf expressed the very concern that Swamiji has for SRF: that Flynn’s influence already has affected, and will further destroy the spirit of the members of SRF. I conclude from the fact that Brahmananda wrote on your behalf, that you concur with his comments.

Let me mention some examples from our experience of Flynn during the Bertolucci trial (to refresh your memory, that was the same trial SRF claimed not to have any connection to, and no contact with Flynn!). He questioned some of us as in this manner:

* And so, you worship a group of dead men?

* And so, you try to make like a small innocent child with your arms open to ‘God’?

* In an attempt to give the impression to the jury that we brainwash people, he sneered that Kriya is a very powerful technique, isn’t it?

It was shocking and painful to hear such mocking of our Master and his sacred teachings.

It’s inconceivable to me that any devotee of refinement could perceive him as described by Brahmananda: “I know him as an honorable man, dedicated to God and Guru and this path.” Flynn’s own words, tone and actions prove him to be both cynical and vicious, betraying everything our Master stood for.

I have been with Ananda for more than 30 years now, living my life as a sincere disciple of Master, trying to deepen my practices, and my inner life. I have lived in a bubble of support, with people of good will, sincerely trying to overcome the little self. Though we may not be perfect, we are trying. The shock of this man, attacking everything I love about our Master and this path with mocking disgust, was an experience I pray that no other devotees will have to endure. If you question my accuracy, feel free to ask for the court records yourself. Don’t just take Flynn’s (or anyone else’s) paraphrased words, but do ask for the actual court records. Specifically those of his own words in questioning myself, Dianna Smith (Kriya ministry), Devi Novak (minister), and Jacqueline Snitkin (minister and meditation teacher).

There’s a rotten apple at the core of your work. Any flaws that you may ascribe to Swamiji pale next to Flynn. Moreover, Swamiji has brought thousands to Master. I know, I am one of them, and I feel Master’s presence and blessings deeply in my life. For this I’m eternally grateful to him. Among other things, Flynn tried to destroy Swamiji, and alienate Ananda from him. At this he will never succeed. At Ananda we don’t demand perfection of others, though we hope to achieve it for ourselves someday, in God. Meanwhile, we are grateful when someone inspires us to become a better person, and a truer devotee. And Swamiji does much more than that. His very heart and soul belong to God and Guru. He has been unwavering in his loyalty to support me in my efforts toward Self-realization. He is the most inspiring instrument of Master’s presence I’ve ever known (yes, I have been to convocation in the 1970’s, and been to satsangs by you and Daya Mata). This is not to compare—he is simply my own.

The most SRF can say about Flynn is that he has been an instrument to assist you in the destruction of Ananda, and for this he is shown your gratitude. Do you think that Master would be pleased with one who sets out to destroy people’s faith?

Our Master has taught us to always hold out hope for the power of God’s love to heal misunderstanding. Brahmananda’s letter leaves me to think that I may not see it in my lifetime. I remain in prayer for a miracle. In the meantime my life in service to God and Guru continues. Eleven years of attacks by SRF have only strengthened and clarified my dedication to this path, my loyalty and eternal gratitude to Swamiji, and to Ananda as an expression of Master’s work.

In Master,

Padma McGilloway, Minister
Ananda Seattle



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