Mahatma Gandhi

by Swami Yogananda
East-West, April, 1932

At Gethsemane, out of that perishable confinement of the body of Jesus, they let loose His spirit so that it could be free to roam in the hearts of many people, and kindle their ignorance, dispelling the night as they awakened.

Oh, Gandhi! The prison walls have become a temple by Thy Presence!! And Thou art more dangerously eloquent by Thy Silence!! Thy physical voice is muffled ‘neath the prison vaults, but Thy silent voice of Spirit is loosened, and is beating the drums of universal sympathy and attention, to rouse the races slumbering in hatred, in political selfishness, in greed for possession, in mutual deceptions, and in brother making war preparations against brother.

Gandhi! Politically crucified, Thou art not only the savior of a race, of India, but also of all the selfish, hatred-stricken races of the world. And now there comes Thy prison, like a Judas, to take Thee away from us, but Thy prison shall be Thy best message bearer, the greatest preacher of Thy truth for all times, and Thy supreme slave to build a mansion of love for Thy truth and Thee in the heart of each race.

Gandhi! Thy Bible, all the warriors of futurity will read and follow, and therein learn to combat, not their brothers, but the Satan of Ignorance and all his army.

Gandhi! Thy saintliness, and the fragrance of the unfading flower of Thy determination, will charm the menacing fire of cannon, until they sing instead the Freedom of India through Peace.

Gandhi! Thy flute of peace will tune the wild beasts of political misunderstandings in the race! Just as God did not choose to use His miraculous powers to discipline man, but chose love instead, so Thou has chosen the path of love, not force, that mightiest love to free India. For Thy love will awaken love, will melt gunpowder, selfishness, political strife, hatred, wars, fighting airplanes, bombs, machine guns, and armies into the consistency of All-Freeing Love.

Oh Gandhi! Thy Love will build the United States of the World, and Thy seal will be in every heart!


*(1) “The Self shines forth like a sun in those who have banished ignorance by wisdom.”—Bhagavad Gita V



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