Long-time SRF Minister Abandoned in Her Elder Years

Kamala Silva’s Story

Kamala Silva first heard Yogananda speak in 1925, at a lecture to which her mother had brought her. Soon thereafter, she became a close disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda’s. She was ordained by him as a minister, and served as a householder-minister for SRF in Oakland, California. She was one of SRF’s most popular ministers, attracting a loyal and dedicated group of devotees to Yogananda’s teachings.

For publishing a book, Kamala is cast aside by Daya Mata

In 1964, Kamala wrote The Flawless Mirror, a devotional and well-loved biography of her guru. From the time of the book’s publication, Kamala was treated coldly by SRF.

Ananda assumes Kamala’s care, when SRF refuses

Years later, when Kamala was in her eighties and unable to care for herself physically or mentally, Self-Realization Fellowship refused to assume responsibility for her care. Ananda took her in despite the fact that Kamala had in the past spoken against Ananda and Swami Kriyananda (the spiritual director of Ananda). Kriyananda himself assigned Kamala the use of a guest house that had previously been rented out for seclusion, and contributed several hundred dollars a month out of his own pocket toward her care. Members of Ananda also contributed to her upkeep out of their own pockets, and went daily to Kamala’s house to cook, clean, and help her in other ways.

Millions for lawsuits; nothing for their own minister

Kriyananda wrote to Self-Realization Fellowship apprising them of the situation. Because Kamala was an SRF minister, not a minister of Ananda, he asked SRF if they would like to contribute toward her physical care. An SRF Board member replied by mail that they individually, as renunciates, were unable to send any money, and that SRF, as a non-profit religious organization, was unable to send money for the personal benefit of any individual. The Board member added, however, that in consultation with their lawyers they had been advised that it would be all right for SRF to send $250 a month toward Kamala’s upkeep—provided this money was not sent directly to Kriyananda. (The reader should remember here that SRF, which does not feel any obligation to help individuals in need, has spent millions of dollars already to destroy Ananda through the courts.)

A minister such as Kamala, in her eighties and of nearly seventy-years standing in the organization, should have received the assistance she needed in her old age from the organization to which she had dedicated all her adult life, with universally recognized devotion. For such a disciple of the guru’s not to be helped under such circumstances seems unthinkable. It was in service to Yogananda and to the simple cause of charity itself, and not specifically to Kamala, that Ananda willingly assumed her care.



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