Letters to Yogananda About Whispers From Eternity

East-West, March-April 1930

The principal happening, however, was the advent of “Whispers From Eternity,” Swami Yogananda’s inspired new book. Only once in many years does such a book come into existence, striking an answering chord in every heart. Below are some excerpts from personal letters to the Swami and an extract from a local review:

Los Angeles Times

“ ‘Whispers From Eternity,’ a book of prayers and poems by Swami Yogananda . . . a strength seldom found in the honey-sweet poems of the Orientals, and exceeding in vigor even the majestic verses of Tagore, permeates almost every page of Yogananda’s new book.”

Letters of appreciation

The following extracts are from letters of appreciation and praise received from readers of “Whispers From Eternity”:

“My heart overflows with thanks for having your ‘Whispers From Eternity.’ It is beautiful, with the beauty of Eternity.”—F. F., Jan. 15, 1930.

“It is beyond my ability to put into words my concept of your more than book . . .As a baby is soothed, nourished and wholly satisfied with his bottle of life-giving food, so is your wonderful book, ‘Whispers From Eternity,’ my completely satisfying soul-nourishment. I cannot begin to tell you how satisfying it is . . . and will be to thousands. It is your voice—with us every day. It will, I believe, mould our souls more than through any other medium, because it teaches us how to meditate—guides our desires—awakens us, and holds us. This divine book is in my hands many many times a day-and is under my pillow at night-its holy presence whispering to me in my dreams-or influencing my soul whilst my body sleeps. It is the Golden Chariot of Light-taking me to God. And what it is doing for me it will do for all. It is utterly beautiful. Beautiful and inspiring beyond words. How can we thank you? We can’t. Only God can repay you.”—S.M.M. , Jan. 18, 1930

“I spent an hour and a half looking ‘Whispers From Eternity’ over and catching up into myself so often one of the vital thoughts that make every page alive and full of stimulation. I commenced first at the preface and was thrilled with the words of Galli-Curci’s tribute. Then began the ‘Hints to the Reader’ and went on to the ‘Prayers and Demands’—oh, I am gong to get so much out of the book. I realize it already.—U.D., Jan. 25, 1930

“Your divine book is indeed a light shining on the path. It is now getting a ‘real hold on my inner life-as it will with all who read it-and no one could possibly read it and not become one with it. It is my constant companion.”—B., Jan. 29, 1930

“This new book is emphasizing that we must expand and try to share with others the light of Yogada’s teaching.”—M., Jan 25, 1930

“MADAME GALLI-CURCI says: “In Whispers From Eternity, by our Swami Yogananda, we are shown how to resurrect dead, old-fashioned prayers . . . .The prayers in this book serve to bring God closer . . . Followers of all religious can drink from this fountain of universal prayers. They are an answer to the modern scientific mind, seeking God intelligently. This book gives a great variety of prayers, which enables one to choose that prayer most suited and helpful to his particular need . . .With reverential and meditative study, you will find the priceless gem of self-realization.”

“Whispers From Eternity came yesterday. . . . .and it seemed to scintillate the personality of its author. It was like a box of freshly cut flowers with the dew of dawn on them. It seemed almost as if the Swami, himself, was visiting me.”—O.M., Jan 25, 1930

“The copy of Whispers From Eternity has just arrived. The Divine thoughts in your book will sink deeper and deeper in my heart. . . .my heart will melt in them. I feel that I ought to read each word on my knees. I will strive to meditate deeper and deeper on them every day.”—S., Jan. 15, 1930

Words cannot express my appreciation for those sacred prayer-demands contained in Whispers From Eternity, and its author, that all-wise Indian Saint, Swami Yogananda. The Swami is showing me the way to God and real happiness.”—J.B., Feb. 5, 1930

“I want to give you an idea of our impressions . . . The poem to his mother’s eyes is very touching, and the wonderful poem on India! The glossary is a valuable innovation . . . and on every page we find something to hold our attention. .. . . I know more is sure to come-as the words penetrate the outer shell of my understanding and get real hold of my inner life.”—A.C., Jan. 25, 1930

“I was glad to spy your book, Whispers From Eternity, as I opened the door this evening. . . . God’s love in your heart speaks clearly and will awaken His great Love in the hearts of us and those who shall use them. You speak truly, that the words of prayers are made alive by devotion that is in the hearts of those praying, no matter where we meet in Our Father’s Home.”—E.W. Jan. 10, 1930

“Each sentence is almost overpowering in beauty and depth of meaning. I select a sentence-or a word or two, and keep it in my thought and heart all day. I have memorized a number of the shorter ‘Whispers’ and at night I must have the book near me-its ‘Whispers’, instantly on my waking, bring the lovely awareness of God to me.”—E.W.M., Jan. 29, 1930

East-West, November-December 1929

Amelita Galli-Curci

The world-famous Prima Donna, Madame Amelita Galli-Curci, on her return from her recent triumphant concert tour of the Orient, has written a most inspiring Foreword to this book, in which she says:

“This book gives a variety of prayers so helpful and suited to our various needs. . . It brings God closer. . . Instead of parroting dead prayers, we learn to saturate them with God-invoking love. . .Followers of all religions can drink from this fountain of Universal Prayer. . .Pass not by the mine of realization hidden, hurried, intellectual reading; but with meditation daily digging into the words, find the fountain of realization.”

Another poet and writer, S. Gray, writes:

“This exquisite book contains the choicest thoughts, decorated by flowers of rhythmic Orient style.”

The well-known Southern poet, Etta Wallace Miller, writes enthusiastically as follows:

“Imprisoned in words, the Spirit of Prayer flutters bright wings in the sun of realization. Little, confiding talks with the One Father, universal in language, musical, mystic, exquisite. A revelation of son-and-daughter relationship between humanity and its Creator.”


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