Letters From Yogananda: Arrival in India

Excerpts from Yogananda’s letters from Calcutta
Inner Culture, November 1935

Sept., 1935.

Here we have arrived amidst unprecedented welcomes, garlands, Maharaja Kasimbazar, flowers, a flock of autos, and motor cycles greeted us at Calcutta where we arrived by train from Bombay. Stayed two days at Wardha with Mahatma Gandhi. I spoke at Mahatma’s in the town hall to a packed audience. People sitting in the windows.

Hundreds flocked around. O what spiritual atmosphere!

We arrived at Calcutta after passing 2 nights with Gandhi and grand experience. His disciples are scriptures exemplified-extreme renunciation and simple food. At Calcutta we arrived by train due to monsoon. Thunderous ap-\plause of countless throng—hardly could get down. Maharaja of Kasimbazar received us. Loaded with garlands.

Movies shown everywhere. We are feted here—Hundreds of visitors and prospective disciples. I never knew that India had turned so much from politics to religion.



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