Letter From Swami Kriyananda in Response to a Letter From a Friend

Letter from Swami Kriyananda in response to a letter from a friend

This letter was written to a friend who thought I should not have pointed to my own accomplishments. (Actually, I never think of them as my own.) She also suggested I might not have told Brahmananda that, according to my understanding, he still needs to develop basic spiritual attitudes.

Thank you for writing. You are right I think, from your point of view. As for whether I was right in even writing that letter to him, I believe I had sufficient provocation to say what I did. I do apologize, however, for sending it to you. I accepted its inclusion among the letters our ministers had written, because it completed the package. I realized at the time that some people, not in possession of all the facts, might draw the conclusions you did. I am open to your point of view, moreover. My goal in life is to grow in truth. So, again, thank you.



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