Israel & Egypt

by Paramhansa Yogananda
Inner Culture, October 1935

Cairo, August 11, 1935

Due to fast moving and constant, continuous travel, I have not attempted to write to you. Consider this letter written from Jerusalem, the Holy Land—the land of Christ. Jesus has been gone a long time, but Christ is still tangibly active in Jerusalem. He was with me everywhere, and I remembered all devotees in Him. I saw Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, the mountain where He was tempted by Satan, the house of Mary and Martha, the tomb of Lazarus, the place of the Resurrection, hall of the Last Supper, Gethsemane, where Judas betrayed Jesus, and, above all, the Mount of olives, where He was received up into Heaven.

Jesus, invisible, was with me always in Jerusalem and went with me everywhere. It is too sacred to express. Sometime I shall write about it. Antiquity was unfolded before my eyes—as depicted in the Divine drama. I was overwhelmed. May you all meditate so deeply that you will really behold Jesus yourself.

I have seen every nook and corner of England. I liked its serious literary atmosphere. I liked the real welcoming spirit in Scotland. I like the German awakening—a new Germany. I liked the awakening of the Jewish people in Palestine, where they are trying to establish a country of their own. I liked the French cosmopolitan spirit—a unity of all races. There is no difference to them between brown, white, or nubian-dark skins. God Himself has become all the colors, as you students of Self-Realization know.

I loved the Swiss scenery, the best in Europe—a very cultural and rural atmosphere. I liked the Italian spirit of unity, but was very sorry that Italy is bent on war with Abyssinia when the world is still suffering from the evils of the last war. I was captured by the ancient ruins and their associations in Rome and Greece. The Greeks are very honest and artistic. They can almost weave their fancies in alabaster.

Jerusalem—best from a spiritual standpoint; greatest, though still primitive and dirty physically, yet it surpasses all Europe spiritually. Jesus was doubly real after visiting Jerusalem. Holy places change souls if they have faith in the vibrations of saintly people.

Cairo is beautiful. The sphinx and the pyramids talked to me much about ancient history. However, I mustn’t tell everything now, but must leave something for the future in case you want me to come back soon. Really, I am homesick for the Headquarters and all of you, and the angel land of Los Angeles. I did not know that I would love America and her ways so much after seeing the ways of Europe, Palestine, and Egypt—but more hereafter

With utmost blessings to your able leader, Seva Devi, and all of you, I remain ever yours,

Swami Yogananda
(Meditate deeply)



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