Hints to the Reader

Whispers from Eternity

Third edition, 1935

Hints to the Devotional Reader

by Paramhansa Yogananda

Please select a demand from the contents according to your need, and then calm your mind by sitting motionless on a straight chair, with spine erect. With eyes closed, or lifted (if open), meditate on the meaning of the demand selected by you, until it becomes a part of you. Then saturate the demand with devotion and meditate upon it. As your meditation becomes deeper, increase your devotion, and mentally offer the demand as your own heart’s outburst. Imbue yourself with the faith that your heart’s craving, expressed through this specific demand, is being felt by God.

Feel that just behind the screen of your devotional demands, God stands listening to the silent words of your Soul. Feel this! Be one with your heart’s demand—and be thoroughly convinced that He has listened to you. Then go about your duties, seeking not to know whether God will grant your demand. Believe absolutely that your demand has been heard, and you will know that what is God’s is yours also. Unceasingly meditate on God, and when you feel Him, you will acquire dominion over all things.

Resurrect words from the sepulcher of hollow, intellectual concepts, by the Christcommand of your deepest perception.

Since these demands were given to me by the Universal Father, they are not mine. I only felt them and gave them expression through the avenue of words, in order that I might share them with you. My blessing goes with them, and I pray that they may strike an answering note on the living harpstrings of your heart, so that you may feel them just as I have felt them.

Peace! Bliss! Peace!


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