Healing the Sick World

by Swami Yogananda
East-West, June,1933

The wall of creed and the blinding greed for gold has divided human hearts. They live behind these self-erected prison walls of dogma and have lost sight of the Altar of Oneness on which Thy Temple of omnipresence is built. Let us pulverize these walls of money, name, power, and dogma so that we may view the floor of Thy Universal Temple of Oneness and gather together there to offer unto Thee the chorus of our united love and the hymns of our hearts.

Let us call all Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Mohammedan, and Hindu Temples by the one name—”Altar of God, or Sanctuary of Our One Father.” Let us call the different teachings by one name—”Sermons of Wisdom.” Let us call all different races, the brown, the yellow, the red, and the white, by one name—”Human Brothers,” children of our Father-Mother-God. Let us call all countries—”United States of the World.” Let us call our government—”International Government of Truth.”

Let us all train the soldiers of our hearts—love, faith, kindness, and understanding, and declare a world war against selfishness, church bigotry, industrial and individual greed, unkindness, territorial aggression, race and class prejudice, armaments, international distrust, poverty, sickness, spiritual ignorance, and blind, excluding patriotism. Let us have the world policed by the guardian angel of true brotherhood, and let us have spiritual education of our hearts.

Let us live simply outside, but let us be supremely happy within. Let us learn to build mansions of wisdom in the unfading garden of peace, which blooms with the million-hued blossoms of beautiful soul qualities.

Let us learn to use the aerial planes of imagination and intuitive vision to take flight in His Kingdom of Infinite Beauty and Bliss. Let us soar in the Ark of Silence over the peaks of the highest wisdom, and let us roam in the land of endless beauty. Let us get rich richer by acquiring the great wealth of peace, and become peace-millionaires.

Let us raise our own paradise, which lies buried in our fancy and let us bring the Living God of Pure Joy onto the altar of our hearts and worship Him there with the flowers of immortality and deathless devotion.



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