Discover Paramhansa Yogananda Through His Out-of-Print Works

Yogananda was a prolific writer. Divine inspiration found expression in his numerous books, five original sets of Yogoda lessons, hundreds of articles for the magazines, two volumes of poetry in addition to those written for the magazines and lessons, and more than a thousand pages of commentaries on the Bible and the Bhagavad Gita. One of the main characteristics of Yogananda’s writings is their delightful freshness. We can feel the inspiration that was flowing from the divine, through his consciousness, through his pen and directly on to the paper. They are alive! They scintillate with power, wisdom and often with marvelous humor.

Sadly, most of the original editions of his writings have long since disappeared into the vaults of Self-Realization Fellowship. Some have been reissued in highly edited form. Others have recently become available, ironically, as a result of SRF’s attempt to maintain a monopoly on them. Yet many remain sealed away and perhaps will never again be available to Yogananda’s devotees.

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a. Download these writings (101-page PDF)
b. The Second Coming of Christ
c. Introduction to Bible and Gita Commentaries
d. Baptism of Jesus, Part I
e. Baptism of Jesus, Part II
f. Who Was Jesus Before the Last Incarnation?
g. How One Should Act Under Persecution
h. Articles from Early Magazines
i. Oriental Christ (1930)
j. The Direct Line of Great Masters (1937)
k. Lahiri Mahasaya&rsqo;s Ladder of Self-Realization (1937)
l. Yogoda Convocation 1937
m. Happiness
n. Message to all Yogodans
o. Messages to the Los Angeles Students
p. Have I Found God?
q. Finding the Joy in Life (1936)
r. Increasing Awareness (1935)
s. Mahatma Gandhi (1932)
t. Healing the Sick World (1933)
u. Success Through Unity (1936)
v. Nations, Beware! (1937)
w. Poetry
x. Cosmic Chants
y. Photo Gallery
z. Yogananda’s trip to Europe & India
aa. If I Visit India
bb. India
cc. From Sri Yukteswar
dd. SRF Magazine Articles:Visit to Therese Neumann News from Italy, Athens, Israel
ee. Letters from Yogananda:
From Israel & Egypt / Arrival in India
ff. Letters from Richard Wright:
Arrival in India
Train to Calcutta
South India
Sri Yukteswar
Giri Bala
Kara Patri
gg. Newspaper Accounts: London / India



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