Chapter Twenty-One: Practical Considerations

At present there are two organizations particularly which represent the ray of divine grace that was brought to this world by Paramhansa Yogananda. I would say that, while many organizations may in time strive to represent Yogananda’s teachings, those will do so best who understand his mission in the broadest possible sense. I would add that those will be truest to his spirit which take themselves the least seriously, which are the least self-affirming, and which do their best to be of service to others. Here are a few further points to consider:

a)  My suggestion for avoiding what I foresee must otherwise be the demise of SRF as an organization, or at any rate of its usefulness to mankind, is that Ananda and SRF work cooperatively together in any and every way possible. Each organization has no doubt something it can learn from the other. Above all, in any case, the best hope I see for us as Yogananda’s disciples in promoting the future of Paramhansa Yogananda’s mission is for both these organizations to respect and appreciate each other. It is at the same time vitally important, however, to understand that, although organizations are perhaps the surest way these days of spreading a message, no organization can ever fully define that message. The message itself transcends all possible efforts to define it.

b) Is there hope for the future of Master’s work? Absolutely yes! Despite the negative sound of much of what I have written in this book, my expectations for the future are entirely positive. I believe deeply in Paramhansa Yogananda, in his mission, and in the reason God sent him to the world at this time in history. The reason for his coming was to uplift a whole civilization—above all spiritually.

Whether or not this transformation occurs through SRF, or through Ananda, or through many organizations, it will happen!

Meanwhile, let us remember that only one thing really matters: God’s love. I recently wrote new lyrics to the melody (slightly changed) of a song in the 1949 movie, Come to the Stable. That song was inspired, in turn, by a medieval plain chant. Let me quote those lyrics here:

Through a long and lonely night

I’ve whispered Your name!

Through the pains and joys of life

My plea stays the same:

Tempt me no longer.

This world’s not for me!

I have known all its charms—

Fold me now in Your arms:

Make me free!

Lifetimes have passed! I’ve called out to You

Through hope and despair.

Lifetimes I’ve known the goals that I sought

Awaited nowhere!

Help me remember

There’s one goal alone!

All I am is Yours!

All I’ve done is Yours!

I’m Your own.


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