Changes to Yogananda’s Mission, Teaching, and Legacy After His Death

SRF may claim copyrights to some photos and text referred to in the articles listed here, and for that reason we have not included them in their entirety. However, we have provided references so you can compare them yourself.

SRF Makes Changes After Yogananda’s Passing

(For additional evidence of changes, see Has SRF Lost Its Way?)

1. Writings:

a. Autobiography of a Yogi
b. Samadhi poem
c. Cosmic Chants
d. Three versions of The Rubaiyat compared
e. Whispers from Eternity
f. Poem by Yogananda
g. Reviews of Whispers
h. From devotees
i. Spiritual recipe
j. Advertisements
k. Key to demands (prayer demands)
l. Hints to the reader
m. Additional instructions
n. Foreword by Galli-Curci
o. The editor: Tara Mata
p. What did Yogananda want?
q. Who owns the writings?
r. Why edit the words of a great master?
s. More About Editing, Tara Mata, & The Rubaiyat

2. Photos:

a. Gurus on the altar
b. Krishna added
c. Crosses removed

3. Other changes:

a. Yogananda’s signature
b. Discipleship initiation
c. Kriya initiation
d. The “Blueprint”

4. Yogananda’s ideal of World Brotherhood Colonies:

a. From Autobiography of a Yogi, 1946 First Edition
b. From The New Path: My Life With Paramhansa Yogananda
c. A Conversation with Yogananda About World Brotherhood Colonies, by Kamala Silva



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