Build Self-Sustaining Colonies Now

By Paramhansa Yogananda

Excerpted from “Destroying Depression by Super Science Power
New Super Cosmic Science Course, 1934, Lesson 5

Let every man gather from five to ten thousand dollars, and, in groups of thirty, let them build self-sustaining, self-governing colonies, starting with California. Do not spend the principal of the money, except what is necessary to buy land and to start the colony. Put the money in a trust fund. Pay taxes with the interest. If taxes were abolished, people could live by exchange. The entire product of a community must be commandeered three hours a day in order to produce only the extreme necessities of life. Time should not be wasted in producing luxuries.

Start now building colonies, and stop industrially selfish society from gambling with your destiny. Get away from the perpetual slavery of holding jobs to the last day of your life. Buy farms and settle down with harmonious friends. Work three hours a day and live in the luxury of literary wealth, and have time to constructively exchange Divine experiences and meditate.

1. Cut down luxuries.
2. Think yourself a child of God.
3. Think of all nationalities as your brothers.
4. Seek prosperity for yourself and for others.
5. Develop the creative thought of success every day after deep meditation.



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