Brother Brahmananda to Swami Kriyananda

Brother Brahmananda to Swami Kriyananda

Dear Mr. Walters:

Your letter of September 29, 2001, addressed to Mrinalini Mata has been brought to my attention because of my involvement with the Ananda litigation. She has nothing to say to you. Your experiences with Mr. Flynn have obviously been different than mine: I know him as an honorable man, dedicated to God and Guru and this path; you know him as an unrelenting adversary. Your attribution of evil to him is preposterous: often human beings project their own evil on to others, and I suspect that this is the case here. (Incidentally, I am informed that Mr. Flynn has not authored any “internet letter” relating to you.)

What you and your people have been doing in relation to Master’s work smacks of evil to me. You talk about defending “truth” as you “honestly perceive it.” In your heart of hearts you know perfectly well that Master wanted his organization-SRF-to be the one to edit and publish his works. Because of perceived slights to yourself and Ananda, you seem to have decided that Master changed his mind! Everything I have heard of you shows you to be a master of rationalization and self-deception.

You write that you fear for Master’s organization. Why not simply acknowledge Master’s intent to give SRF all of the copyrights that you are currently contesting in the litigation? That would be completely consistent with truth and would put an end to this litigation once and for all. And it would serve Ananda well, since its position vis-à-vis the issue of Master’s intent is, partly as a result of your own deposition, extremely weak.

Mr. Walters, Master taught us to see God in all, and he literally saw God in all. And so I respect the divine in you, and would have only friendship with you.


Brother Brahmananda


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