Articles From Early Magazines

Yogananda’s Writings from Inner Culture and East West magazines

These articles and letters were written by Yogananda and published in his magazine in the 1920s, 1930s and early 1940s. They still contain the freshness of his spirit and inspiration, much of which was removed by later editors. While some of the editorial changes have helped to clarify Yogananda’s ideas, many of them have left us with less of Yogananda’s spiritual power and charm. Some of these articles were in later years excerpted and placed in the Praecepta Lessons, which in turn were reworked by various disciples and reissued as the Self-Realization Lessons. Thus the context of many of Yogananda’s teachings has been lost, often diminishing their immediacy and impact. Other articles appear in edited versions in later issues of Self-Realization Magazine. Yogananda Rediscovered is glad to be able to make these original versions available for your study.

Oriental Christ (1930)
“Lost years,” travels in India and Tibet

The Direct Line of Great Masters (1937)
After trip to India, early work for AY

Lahiri Mahasaya’s Ladder of Self-Realization (1937)
Talks of Kriya and AUM

Yogoda Convocation 1937: Yogananda’s banquet speech

Question and Answers (1938-1941):


Message to all Yogodans

Messages to the Los Angeles Students

Have I Found God?

Finding the Joy in Life (1936)
Persuasive invitation to seek every-new joy

Your Most Important Engagement (1927)
Finding time for meditation.

Increasing Awareness (1935)
Quicken evolution, educate our body cells.

Mahatma Gandhi (1932)
On the occasion of his imprisonment

Healing the Sick World (1933)
Universal Temple of Oneness, International Government of Truth

Success Through Unity (1936)
Self-realization can unify the world

Nations, Beware! (1937)
Warns against national selfishness and false patriotism


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