Freeing Yogananda’s Legacy From Sectarianism

Swami Kriyananda’s book, Yogananda for the World, seeks to correct certain serious errors in the way the Master’s life, mission, and legacy have been presented.

How Has His Work Been Changed?

Yogananda gave the world a revolutionary teaching. He showed how people can make their religion practical, by finding inner communion with God. He taught Self-Realization, a timeless ideal that all can embrace for their highest fulfillment. He envisioned a world in which all can live together as brothers and sisters, children equally of our one Father-Mother-God.

Learn About the Changes

Since Yogananda’s passing, so many changes have been made to his writings, teachings, and his stated mission, aims, and ideals that his legacy is threatened. Even his signature has been altered, and a new signature forged in its place. Yogananda for the World explains the changes and suggests a course of action to prevent the Master’s work and its original spirit from being lost forever.

Some may object: “The wrongs that have been done are in the past. What can we do about them today?” While it is true that past mistakes cannot be undone, the tendency toward error can be corrected. Wrong directions can be set right. Narrowness can be turned toward expansion. And the effect of past untruths can be mitigated by telling the truth from now on.

This book is not a lament for the past. It is a clarion call to those who love Yogananda and believe in his divine mission, to inform themselves and work together for change.

Learn More

  1. Read the chapters (links at left). Or download a PDF of the 64-page book. You can also order a printed copy.
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Free 101-pg PDF: Discover Yogananda Through His Out-of-Print Works

Yogananda with arms raised - small

About the Photo…

The photo of Yogananda with arms raised was taken at a garden party in Beverly Hills, California on July 31, 1949. It shows him chanting AUM after he spoke with soul-stirring power, urging “thousands of youths” to “go north, south, east, and west, to create little spiritual colonies, demonstrating that simplicity of living plus high thinking lead to the greatest happiness!” (See The Most Stirring Lecture I ever heard — Yogananda’s Passion for Colonies.)

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