Chapter Sixteen: Further Important Changes, and SRF’s Greatest Lie

Astonishingly, SRF has attempted in many ways to deprecate the knowledge, and even the wisdom, of its own guru.

a)  I have already written about SRF’s claims that Master didn’t know how to spell his own title, “Paramhansa.” The word is now officially written, Paramahansa, with an a in the middle—making a burdensome five a’s in all.

b) SRF, in attempting to protect itself from being caught out in such matters, has done its best to suppress every expression of Yogananda’s teachings but its own. Total control of his mission and legacy is the main motivation behind everything they do.

c)  During their lawsuit against us, SRF made an outrageous and unfactual statement about Master’s very writings. Their purpose in doing so was to help them win their case against us.

d) Daya herself signed a declaration, under oath, that Autobiography of a Yogi had not been written by Yogananda himself, but by a committee!

e)  She also wrote (still under oath!) in that same declaration that he had written Autobiography of a Yogi as a “work for hire.”

f)  The judge himself was not impressed by these outrageous assertions. In open court he asked SRF’s legal representatives, “Are you saying that your guru was only an employee of yours, and had to do exactly as you, his own disciples, commanded him?”

Certainly, this paltering with the truth did not help their case, in the end.


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